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We have provided individual, couples, and family therapy for clients involved with the county through child protection, social work, or probation. We have partnered with Dakota County to provide an adolescent diversion program for adolescents and their families. We have worked with Dakota, Rice, and Scott County. Our therapists provide customized care and psychoeducation about mental health and incorporate mental health in our sessions. 

Coordination of Care

Our therapists coordinate care with other therapists, medication management providers, social workers, case management, probation officers, and more via phone calls and emails. We understand the importance of communication and documentation for a client's care, especially when the county is involved so we can work together for the benefit of the client. 

Culturally Competent

Our current and past clients have expressed concern about past negative therapeutic experiences. It is important to us that our clients have a positive therapeutic experience. We want them to feel heard, respected, and incorporate cultural beliefs and experiences. Our clinicians are continuously learning about how to provide culturally competent care and better support folks in our community. We have a couple of Spanish-speaking therapists that can facilitate services in Spanish. 


We have worked closely with counties to develop individual, thorough, and professional documentation. The documentation we provide can include diagnostic assessments, family assessments, monthly reports, treatment plans, treatment recommendations, targeted assessment for prevention, and discharge summaries. We can offer monthly or bi-monthly treatment progress summaries for the county. 

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