Fannica Grey, MA, MHP


I see value in being intentional and affirming of our true selves. I believe that each present moment is under our control if we are intentional and aligned with our physical, emotional, and mental selves. With this foundation we can stand firm in our lives, purpose, and well-being.

I strive to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere where every person can feel safe, accepted, heard, respected and human. My overall goal as a therapist is to help individuals, couples, and families develop skills that help bring awareness to the present moments, past experiences, and future ambitions that contribute to living a more intentional and meaningful life. I strive to help individuals, couples and families explore the impact of internal strongholds, which are unconscious maladaptive thought processes, as well as societal and cultural influences. I find pleasure in working with people from all backgrounds and communities with diverse concerns.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Child Psychology with a minor in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Fall of 2017. My aim to create a positive and collaborative environment led me to the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. I have worked in schools, hospitals and group homes throughout the years which has helped me resonate with individuals, families, and couples through each stage of life. From those experiences I have learned to believe in the value of the present moment, the impact of the future, and the influence of the past.

I identify as a first generation West African and I speak fluent Krio. I live in Minneapolis, MN. I enjoy singing and laughing with friends as well as meditation in the forms of sound healing, breathwork, prayer, and affirmations.

Fannica Grey, MA, MHP