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Olga Tapia-Farrell, MS, LMFT

Founder and Supervisor

Ruth Grambush, MA

I am an avid reader and have insatiable appetite to learn about the world, our mind, and relationships. I began analyzing others and myself at a very young age and knew I wanted to become a therapist by the age of 12. So I set my path to become one and while my journey has led me in various directions in the field, I never lost sight of my calling to help heal broken hearts and dreams.

I grew up in Texas and went to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for my Bachelor of Science, followed by University of Wisconsin- Stout for my graduate work in Marriage & Family Therapy. I live in Farmington with my family. I have been happily married for 17 years to Rich and we have 4 beautiful daughters.

My experience has led me to multiple directions. In my early career, I worked with at risk Latino youth and their families and child abuse and trauma work. While this work was emotionally challenging on me, it was also very rewarding in getting children and their families to a more loving, safer, and harmonious place. I am also very passionate about my work with couples and families. As a systems therapists, I enjoy guiding and supporting individuals finding their strengths and their passions. Helping couples who have lost sight of what led them to each other in the first place! Families with adolescents can be exceptionally rewarding. Adolescence is a time where young people think of themselves in relation to the world and often pull away from home but it can also be place where they can connect and love the people who made them!

Thoughts……We are in a time that the mind is only now being discovered and further explored beyond the behavioral observations through EEG’s and FMRI’s that our field is changing and growing. Eventually these brain scans will give the opportunity to further treat more accurately. What an exciting time!

Ruth Grambush, MA

Clinical Trainee

All people can thrive in their relationships and discover meaning and hope. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota, I began my work at a leading therapy institution in San Bernardino County, CA. I gained experience working with military families, as well as families with complex trauma and repairing relationships within the family. After moving back to Minnesota, I began work as a treatment director assisting individuals, couples, and families work through difficulties and discover newfound hope and possibilities. 


My desire to work with individuals, couples, and families to facilitate connection and growth in relationships, heal trauma, and navigate through difficulties in life led me to the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota where I completed my Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. The Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is the only COAMFTE accredited school in the state, ensuring a high standard of educational and professional guidelines. 


My approach in therapy is gentle and collaborative, while also direct and sincere to address painful issues and help people reconnect to themselves and each other. My professional areas of interest include trauma and PTSD, couples and relationship concerns, military families, grief and loss, parenting, sexual concerns, anxiety, and depression. I am trained in Brainspotting, a treatment method to process, release, and heal painful emotions, memories, and trauma that are carried in our mind and body. I also utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused, and Narrative Therapy to alter stuckness and achieve lasting change. 


I am a mother of two children living in Webster, MN with my husband, Ben, and our two dogs. I enjoy spending time with my family, laughing with friends, traveling, and jogging.

Angela Hasert, MA

Cassandra Turner, MA

Clinical Trainee

I believe we all have the to power to make positive changes in our lives and sometimes we just need a helping hand. Helping others has always been a life-long passion of mine. After completing my Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls I spent two years as a treatment manager doing in-home therapy with children with Autism. During this time I utilized play therapy when working with my young clients and had the opportunity to collaborate with their families to create lasting change from within the family system. 


It is my belief that for change to happen, people must first experience validation and acceptance for who they are and the experiences they’ve had. My desire to help individuals, families and couples live more authentic, empowered, and connected lives led me to the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. 


My therapeutic approach is one that is grounded in curiosity and encourages authentic expression of self, as I believe it leads to personal and relational health. The energy I bring to the room is empathetic, collaborative, and non-judgmental, with a hint of humor. I have a special interest in working with couples experiencing relational issues, those suffering from depression and anxiety, family conflict and parenting, and working with teenagers. I’m trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an "experiential" approach, meaning the therapist helps the couple connect in new, meaningful ways during the therapy session helping partners find their way to a safe and loving connection. I also utilize Experiential Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Structural Therapy to assist my clients in finding new ways to shape their thoughts and behaviors to ignite positive lasting change in their lives. 


I live in Saint Paul, MN with my cat Mimi. I enjoy painting, drawing, lifting weights, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Elise Farrell

Administrative Assistant

I love to spend time with family and friends.  I am presently a Senior at Farmington High school and hope to attend college next year.

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