Dark clouds.... A therapist's tale of taking time to pay attention to body chemistry.

Today is a failure.  Today begins with a dark cloud.  There is no reason.  I guess there is a reason, my hormones.  Today I know I will take it easy. I will not push hard, even though I have a million things to do.  I will take time to sit and be mindful to not over stress and not to explode inside and out.



Have you ever felt this way?  Well, take good care because we all have.  I know that it is my body chemistry that is producing this sudden change of mood and not some cataclysmic thought that I am not good enough.  As a therapist I take time to explain to my clients to pay attention to their thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. In particular to how they wake up.  The morning hours tell us a lot about how we feel without the interruptions of children, spouses, work etc.  Please note the above description is not clinical depression.  For a more detailed description please visit NAMI for specific criteria.    



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