Don't Take your small child to Inside Out.


I am the first to say that Disney Pixar films are phenomenal with the graphics and story lines but the days when we can call animated movies for children are long gone.  My husband and I took our 4 children to see this film, age ranges from 6 to 13,  and let's just say that my husband and I loved it.  This film is a definite must for anyone who has passed puberty and beyond.  My six year old spent most of the movie asking me questions and saying she did not understand.  The other three enjoyed it but they too were a little perplexed  as to why the film ended the way it did.  The plot centers on 5 emotions, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear.   Why these 5?   Not sure,  the film is not abundantly clear on anything but does it leave you with that all good feeling that Disney films can, well YES!  


I will not give away the plot but only to say that I am thrilled that as a society we are tackling our feelings in a public setting.   Yeah Disney! @DisneyPixar @PixarInsideOut

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